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Babysitting Safety
Taking simple safety precautions when using a babysitter will help protect your children and allow you to leave with peace of mind.   Read More.

Effective Crime Reporting
By staying calm and observing as much as you can when you see a crime being committed, you can help put the people responsible behind bars.  Read More.

Fire Safety
By planning ahead and implementing simple fire prevention strategies, you can reduce your odds of becoming a victim.  Read More.

Getting Help
Most parents teach their children not to talk to strangers. However, during an abduction attempt, children must feel comfortable talking to strangers because they may need one to save their life.   Read More.

Home Safety Tips
Using some simple safety tips can help ensure your home is safe from burglary while you are home or away.  Read More.

Keeping Toddlers Safe
Child abduction continues to be a serious problem in the United States. These tips can help you keep your young children safe.  Read More.

Never Too Old for Fire Safety Lessons
The major cause of deaths resulting from fires is asphyxiation, which occurs because fires use the oxygen in the air and leave behind excess carbon monoxide.  Read More.

Reducing the Odds of Home Invasion
An alarm system is a wise option to help protect your home from home invasion, but there are many factors to consider when selecting an alarm and monitoring service.   Read More.

Safe Banking
This article explores important safety tips for customers of any bank or ATM, to keep them and their money safe.  Read More.

Safety on the Road
Whether driving down the road or across the country, some basic safety rules apply when it comes to automobile maintenance.  Read More.

The Best Internet Filter
Though many products have been created to protect kids from going where they shouldn’t on the Internet, none is as foolproof as a watchful parent.   Read More.

The Spam Guide
It’s never too early to help children see the difference between real e-mail and "spam" that should be deleted without opening.  Read More.

Trash is in the Eye of the Beholder
Avoid discarding personal information such as Social Security numbers, bank account statements or credit card bills in the trash to help prevent identity theft.  Read More.

Winter Safety
By taking preventative measures, you and your family can avoid serious injuries. Practice these tips to ensure safety while enjoying winter sports.  Read More.